The Shtick

Kim Foard ~ Legacy Coach

The purpose of this time together is to encourage thought:
Yours and Mine.

YOU and I will consider:
Who thinks,
What about,
Why choices are made,
When we search for the path to,
Where we want to be.

— and, How that can help us in
Building Dynamic Relationships!

The Tagline

The mental image of a Cowboy Poet & Philadelphia Lawyer is one of ostensible contradiction. Yet, these four words remind me that life is best experienced on a spectrum. So, think of a sphere. Then, imagine the axis lines holding it symmetrical from the inside, out.

Like the four points of a compass — as far as the East is from the West — opposite ends of the axis lines are required for balance.

Growth occurs when we push the artificial limit of where the internal axis lines end, which are at the edge of who we currently are. As we stretch the boundaries, the result is a greater sphere of influence for the benefit of many.

These spectra of life stretch to infinity, if we have the courage to let our minds become open to the vastness of the universe and the unlimited potential of each individual.

Spurs and Books

The cornerstones of my heritage are Spurs and Books. What rowels are to spurs, vowels are to words. They are the jingle of rhythm and points of meaning.

A Cowboy is a man of action and defender of principle. The thoughtful approach of a Poet casts a soft and gentle hue. Philadelphia is symbolic of friendship and brotherly love. When those attributes are absent in a relationship, a Lawyer intends to discover the facts, and just the facts, ma’am!

Dad’s Wisdom

The self-proclaimed label of Cowboy Poet is to honor the importance of heroes and the power of words. As a kid, I wore a fancy, tied-down, two-gun rig, with which to dispatch the bad guys. Now, I rely on the proverb, “Truly, the pen is mightier than the sword.”

I received the title of Philadelphia Lawyer from my dad when I was about ten years old. We were unloading sacks of cow salt out of the pickup into the granary one evening, and I was doing my twenty questions routine.

Evidently, I lost track of the number, and it must have been a long day for Dad. In exasperation and with a smile, he declared, “Kim, you ask so many questions that I’m sure you’re going to grow up to be a Philadelphia lawyer!”

He didn’t miss the mark by much. When it comes to putting together the conference room deals of our society, attorneys and CPAs are usually sitting side by side.

Relationship Builder

Fifty years after Dad’s observation, that natural curiosity has grown exponentially. The questions have become more focused, and the intent is pure. I want to help YOU build something – special.

This Is Kim

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