In The Game

In The GameThere is only one way to learn anything: Hands on.

It is impossible for the mind to forget what the hands have learned.

Why, then, do we believe someone else has the answers for our questions? And, why do we defer our good judgment to others? We are unique! No one else has our combination of Heredity and Environment. Only we, individually, can encourage our growth. To do that, it is imperative that we get, and stay, in the game.

Do you know the difference between an Amateur and a Professional? Well, the Amateur practices until they can do something right; the Professional practices until it is impossible for them to do something wrong. In fact, the Professional always practices. Why?

Amateur vs. Professional

1.) Talk is cheap. Knowing something and doing it are two, entirely, different approaches. Those who can: practice; those who can’t: preach. Those who spin their stories of yesterday will be left in the dust of those who are getting it done, today. What got us here will not take us to where we need to go. The principle is: “A little less talk and a lot more action.” Amateurs will tell you how to do something; Professionals will show you.

2.) No pain; no gain. Easy is hard; hard is easy. Shortcuts are the surest way to oblivion. There is an order to the Universe. It is obvious, when we realize that every worthwhile endeavor begins with a rock-solid foundation. The beginning of every construction project is ugly; it starts with an excavation, a hole in the ground. It requires a whole lot of digging and pounding. Amateurs want the glory of a finish; Professionals seek to serve from beginning to end.

3.) Pink elephants are absurd. Any single negative in an equation forces a negative result. When told, “Don’t think about pink elephants,” what do we do? Bad habits die hard. They don’t go of their own volition; a stake must be driven through the heart of the beast. That stake is a sustained, positive, decisive, and committed action of the new desire. Mastery of the self is an artistic expression. Amateurs are tethered to the past; Professionals use that vine to swing into the future.

Those who claim to know it all, and, therefore, take it upon themselves to think that they know what is best for us, are dangerous. Arrogance and ignorance are a volatile combination. Regardless of what someone might know up to this present moment, there is always the opportunity to learn more. If… they stay in the game.

The game always changes. It is the only constant in life. Those on the sidelines are stuck, frozen in the moment of time when they step there. Those on the court continue to learn, to get better, to improve, to innovate, and to grow as individuals and teammates. They do common things in uncommon ways; they take the scientific to an art form.

All, because of their love for the game, of life!

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