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A Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) is a Certified Public Accountant recognized for his or her unique ability to provide business insight by leveraging knowledge of information relationships and supporting technologies.

Unlike other certifications which are presented to the marketplace based on a wide scope of skills, the CITP credential is awarded to an accounting professional, who focuses on information assurance and management; thus, making a CPA among the most trusted business advisor.

The CITP credential is predicated on the fact that in today’s complex business environment, technology plays an ever increasing role in how organizations meet their business obligations, and that no single professional has a more comprehensive understanding of those obligations than a Certified Public Accountant.

An increasingly competitive global marketplace has organizations clamoring for better information assurance or additional business insight. While IT professionals have the technical expertise necessary to ensure that IT hardware is secure or technology solutions are properly deployed, they lack the CPA’s perspective and ability to understand the complicated business implications and risks associated with technology.

The CITP credential demonstrates the CPA’s ability to leverage technology to effectively manage information while ensuring the data’s reliability, security, accessibility and relevance. The CITP credential program provides tools, training, and support to help CPAs expand their information management-related services and provide greater benefit to the business and academic communities they serve.

As a client, your CPA’s CITP credential will enhance your confidence in their ability to apply both business and information technology consulting skills to solve your unique business challenges. In addition to meeting stringent experience and education requirements, CITPs are required to continue their professional development through continual professional education, and must meet the professional standards dictated by CPA profession and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

CITPs have the business experience and specialized knowledge that enables them to:

  • Identify and enhance critical success factors in your business.
  • Communicate the business technology information you need, when you need it, and in the form you need to make critical business decisions for your business.
  • Implement information technology as a catalyst to achieve new levels of success in your business.
  • Apply real world knowledge and experience to ensure a return on your technology investment.

The AICPA has compiled a referral directory from materials submitted by its members. The sole purpose of this directory is to provide a method for locating Certified Information Technology Professionals, to procure the value of their services for your benefit. Find a CITP

Or, you can simply use the CPA, CITP, and QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, who has been recognized as an Achiever by the Billings Gazette and a Trailblazer by VeraSage Institute.

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