Love Dimensions

Love Birds


By applying The Golden Rule, this builder finds the temple of love to measure “3×5”. Three words, five letters apiece, all beginning with “S” and in alphabetical order: Serve, Share, Smile.


Serve: I believe in the philosophy that greatness is achieved by serving. First we learn, then we teach; the more we teach, the more we learn. The greatest love is that which is given.

Share: I believe in the merit of mirrors and teeter-totters. What we give is what we receive. If an equal is on board with us, fun is guaranteed. The relationship will be mirrored and balanced.

Smile: I believe in the principle of right here, right now, it’s great to be alive. Whatever situation we find ourselves, let’s make the best of it. Each of us is as happy as we choose to be.

While the “3×5” gives height and width to each day, the dimension of depth is added by YOU!

One who believes in the magic and power of Communication. More than a belief, yours is a demonstration of verbal songs of expression, written notes of thought, perceptive touches of connection, facial expressions of emotion, the whole encyclopedia of body language, and maybe, even, telepathic vibrations of positive intent, all, offered with a spirit of love.

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