A Dance To Love

A partner with whom to dance,

Not a ghost who is impossible to embrace,

Nor a hard heart who throws darts with her glance,

Two separate souls bound together with love for a lace.

Some may prefer to dance alone in a line, while others may choose to dance with many in a square. My wish is to have you slip your hand in mine as I slip my arm around your waist. I’ll share the steps I know as we begin our journey and delight in the variations you will teach. The only guarantee is that boots will be scuffed and laughter will abound as we continue our trip around the sun.

While understanding that we are all on a journey of discovery, those who are undefined at any given moment create anxiety. Although I can accept matters of the spiritual realm on faith, as a mere mortal, I will seek to understand your likes and dislikes. My intent is sincere, yet less than pure. I desire to give all that you need and want, so that I might receive likewise.

Since life is the hand of cards to which we awake each morning, I admire those who play theirs with grace and poise. Strength of will and courage combined with the flexibility of thoughtfulness and humility results in a softness that trumps bitterness every time. As the windows to the soul, the eyes can be beacons of hope and the sparkling oasis of plenty.

As unique and temporary as snowflakes, we each have a song to sing. The beauty is in the harmony that comes from performing our individual parts. As youngsters, two might have become one. The wisdom of maturity suggests a better result by bringing together the individual melodic tapestries to unveil a complex symphonic mural. The fun will be in weaving the threads of love into a chord that binds, forever.


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